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FH News – April 12, 2014

BubblezwithaZ Owner
bubly7 @ Finding Herobrine
posted Sat at 16:44
Server is now 1.7.8; let me know if it works fine or if we should go back to 1.7.5 until it's more stable.

ChristianMozart7 GOOD JOB BUBLY YOU DID VERRY WELL!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! ...

FH News – April 7, 2014

BubblezwithaZ Owner
bubly7 @ Finding Herobrine
posted Apr 7, 14
Hi guys, it's been a while. :P

I've been really busy and I'm sick so this will be shorter.  Also, being busy I haven't been on as much. :/ Hope that changes soon, but I have a few updates I wanted to let you know.

So the server we had on the old server host is gone so that "derpy" server is gone; didn't get to play it much. Oh well. Derp.

We're still working on things like voting rewards and adding new games.  Voting rewards will be about the same but instead of diamonds, it will be in game cash.  We just can't find a working vote plugin. :l

Right now we're not going to accept much more mod applications, maybe one or two great ones that really stand out.  Just remember, activity is a major part of getting and keeping a position in staff.  If you ask about your mod application, I will reject it and you will then have a reputation of annoying the current staff to read your application.

Also, everyone's mcmmo stats have been reset.  We moved the mcmmo files from being written in the server files to going into our database.  Doing so it created a new backup file of player stats and doesn't use the old file.  Sorry about that, we would try moving the file into the database but that would mean deleting everything everyone has been doing since the reset and we already have a bunch of people who have gained a lot of levels.

Hope you all are having a better week than me. :/

BubblezwithaZ Owner
bubly7 @ Finding Herobrine
Thanks, I'm starting to feel better:P
A_Sees_All feel better


BubblezwithaZ Owner
bubly7 @ Finding Herobrine
posted Apr 1, 14
No News title, someone didn't hack Minecraft. Notch and Jeb have just lost control to villagers and this happened:

April Fool's!
A_Sees_All lol XD
nickthedragon198 Lord
nickthedragon198 @ Finding Herobri...
They sound like patrick star from spongebob so derpy.
MINEDUDE1X Day Rely Mesed up Maybe caus its april foolz day ...

FH News – March 1, 2014

BubblezwithaZ Owner
bubly7 @ Finding Herobrine
posted Mar 1, 14
Hey everyone!

So if you didn't see already, the server is back up. :) We're now on a better host, who's still a bit in development but still 20x better than the last one. The old server is still running; I just made it into a "derpy" bukkit server and you can play on there if you want until the month runs out. Let me know any fun plugins you want me to throw on there. :P Rules: there is no rules, play at your own risk, but just use common sense. Ask me (bubly7) if you want the Troll rank.  ip:

Something happened with the shop plugin so if you have any shops without an entity floating above the chest, you need to redo the shop.

For the server right now, there's been a few issues with lag. The crashes are a little better but the problems were coming from some of the plugins. I've had to remove some you won't notice but changed somethings you will notice...

I had to I turn off Herobrine from building things like temples and pyramids. The plugin probably needs just a bug fix but it would crash the server whenever he would build something. (I feel like he's going to still end up building things and breaking the config rules like he seems to always do sometimes .-.)

I can't think of anything else to add; still working on finishing things up but kind of hard with all this going on. Once the server has been completely stabilized, we hope to finally finish the things we've been working on like the games world and promoting new staff.

Comment! DO IT.


If your looking for a host (and I'm going to find a better place for this), you should use Zogo host. :) It's our host and one of the best we've ever had. Check them out here: ZogoHost

crystaldragon13 ModElite Hey Bubly, the link to our host keeps giving me an error when i go there: Oops! Google Chrome could not find http That' ...
sjack218 can I try being a builder I promise when you need help I'll do it? I love building things and I love helping people buil ...
Chagaret Do i still have my builder title? I was in the hospital in and out so i never got the chance to go on. I promise i will ...

Quick News!

BubblezwithaZ Owner
bubly7 @ Finding Herobrine
posted Feb 17, 14
So the host problems are getting worse and I don't think I can stand it any longer and I doubt you guys can too. We got the new server host and will have the new server in a few more days. This is a newish company and they are still setting up all their stuff so we will get the server soon.
-bubly7 and PopTart
xxghostxx914 Lord hope things go fine
ElEcTrIkWoLf476 Its been a week...
BubblezwithaZ Owner
bubly7 @ Finding Herobrine
Server will be up when the host finishes moving the files and the ip will stay the same

FH News – Feb. 16, 2014

BubblezwithaZ Owner
bubly7 @ Finding Herobrine
posted Feb 16, 14
Remember these?:) I might start making weekly posts again, not sure...Oh well.

So far we're still on the same lame host and of course we still have lame crashes and lag from their incapable hardware...Counting down the days till next month and we can switch, still exploring possible hosts. We have an idea of one but we're open to any others that are nothing less than great. :P

I did fix a few things though. :D You can now buy/sell claim blocks to get bigger plots and you can sell claims! You would put a sign on the claim and write:

the price you want to sell it

I fixed the issue with not being able to fight Herobrine as well! :D We have a new pvp plugin with a few new things like /pvp has a 15 second cool down and pvp loggers will be charged S10. The other difference is that pvp toggles in the world between day and night; you can pvp at night but not during the day. Tell me what you think about that, change it or remove it.

There's now a server shop at /warp shop! :) It's my town's own shop all made in survival mode so please understand I'm not super rich and may run out of supplies or money.

You probably been wondering why all the other servers on your server list have an icon but Finding Herobrine doesn't. I've been very busy with a lot of on the server and off minecraft things and I've been trying to make an awesome server icon. I made a simple one a while ago and I'm going to improve on it but it should be next to the server now. :)

I think that's it; comment with any suggestions, ideas, constructive criticism below! :)

ElEcTrIkWoLf476 woof bubz
jumpyRose78 Lord
jumpyRose78 @ Finding Herobrine
server crashed again D:
jumpyRose78 Lord
jumpyRose78 @ Finding Herobrine
I just got back on and it isn't working again

Lag and Crashing and Glitches, GAH

BubblezwithaZ Owner
bubly7 @ Finding Herobrine
posted Feb 6, 14
So if you have been on the server lately, you know there was a problem with "grief." All transparent blocks (such as leaves and glass and other blocks that aren't a full cube) disappeared and could be brought back with right click but would disappear again after you left and returned. Honestly, I tried to find a solution and couldn't find the issue but now it's fixed...which leads us to believe it is a part of some other host related issues.

This brought us to our latest theory to why the server crashes and some people may experience lag. The host says we get this many gb dedicated for our server but really they're using up some of that or the hardware isn't preforming well.  The crashes are the server's way of handling too many people on it...which obviously shouldn't be happening; you can see next to the server, we should be able to have 140 players on the server at once. This weekend we're going to switch hosts and hopefully exterminate those issues and have a better host. :)

In other news, the games world is ACTUALLY almost done! Finishing it will sadly have to be put aside until after we migrate all the files to the new host. :/ Don't forget, the server is still being worked on and may have a few problems, as well as bukkit is still in an unstable development build.

Have a great weekend and week! :)



So after I posted this, the host suspended the server. Which means we had no access to the files and had to pay another month to get the files back (and the host STILL hasn't responded to my Friday morning email asking if there was another way to get the files).  Sadly, we have to have them for another month which means yay...more crashes and more lag. I'm sorry but hopefully the new host won't do this to us.

I'll try to do some work but I'm tired of this host ruining any work I do.  I think I fixed the claiming so now you can buy blocks. :D I'm going to go test it out. But there is the issue still with not being able to pvp Herobrine. I can't find a solution and I want to know what all of you want us to do.

Click here to answer our poll on what to do about pvp and Herobrine:
ElEcTrIkWoLf476 The server host is taking advantage of you bubly (and poptart). They have constantly suspended the server whenever you h ...
BubblezwithaZ Owner
bubly7 @ Finding Herobrine
You can get on the server or you join in a void? The spawn is having issues rendering... (Only with the server and this ...
jumpyRose78 Lord
jumpyRose78 @ Finding Herobrine
Wait not yet... There is another problem. When I was in survival and I died, I COULD NOT get back on the server. Is th ...

Important News

BubblezwithaZ Owner
bubly7 @ Finding Herobrine
posted Jan 16, 14
I'm not sure if you have noticed anything strange happening on the server but I just want to let you all know why people were getting banned randomly.  A former admin was banned a long time ago and feels it is necessary to continue to harass the server by using multiple accounts.  Sometimes it was with the help of friends.  Most of the people being banned are accounts that were either given to the former admin by their friends or were taken by the former admin.  I mostly just wanted to let you all know what was happening and tell you to watch out.  If you notice anyone acting different or someone coming on the server and just messing around and using excessive language, please report it to staff or on the website.  Minecraft even warns you about this: never give out your account information or password to ANYONE, especially someone you only know from the internet.  If you ever believe that your account is in danger, hacked, being used; change your password to something different and try not to use the same password for multiple places.
jumpyRose78 Lord
jumpyRose78 @ Finding Herobrine
What? Its says I am not whitelisted for the server. I don't remember this happening..
minimax2211 @crystaldragon13 My name isnt max.. Just saying.
ElEcTrIkWoLf476 I know exactly who is doing this. I will not name names unless necessary.

Going outside of spawn

PopTart_Flavored Owner posted Jan 9, 14
hey guys we have had tons of problems of people going outside of spawn and griefing/surviving. Anyone we find do this will be rolled back completely ALL your stuff including a 1 day ban. It should be fixed now but if you find a way to get out of spawn and/or grief/survive in the spawn world tell us.
Woohoo52 I came back after not being here for a while and I saw there was another reset. I was in spawn but I couldn't find a way ...

All I Want For Christmas is Finding Herobrine!

BubblezwithaZ Owner
bubly7 @ Finding Herobrine
posted Dec 25, 13
Hey guys!
Merry Christmas!!!
It's been a while..too long. A very long 2 weeks or so. I miss you all and I don't have to anymore because the server is…DONE! :D It's my Christmas gift to all you and to myself. (It's still before midnight on the 25th as I post this)  Come on in! :) I hope you all love the hard work we've put into opening the server with minimal issues. If you find any problems, please let me know so it won't cause other issues. Also as a warning, bukkit is unstable with its 1.7 builds right now so servers tend to crash a lot. If it happens, please contact me or wait because it sometimes restarts itself after a while. Hopefully bukkit fixes this problem soon. :) It's not as bad as it used to be though so that's good. I'm sorry to say that the creative world and games world are not yet complete and we will work hard to get those up soon. Kai has an awesome plan for the games world so be waiting for that!

I have to end this post with some bad news. I'm going on vacation for the month of January, leaving the end of December. I'll have internet so I may be able to get on, definitely jump on mine chat once and a while but I'll be busy. :( I'll miss all you guys but I'll be back!

Comment with any suggestions you have for the server!

Finding Herobrine …before he finds you.

jjheesom x MWISSS U! lol nah jks I luv da work!
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bubly can you reopen the server
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