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Sky Block!

BubblezwithaZ Owner posted Jul 19, 14
We're working on a new world with sky block but would like to ask you guys which of these options you would like best. Read the forum poll and let us know or give us any additional ideas!

Butterkingcreep Maybe there would be pvp that can be toggled and skyblock islands can be radied by people from other skyblocks.

FH News — July 8, 2014

BubblezwithaZ Owner posted Jul 8, 14
Hello all!

In case you didn't know the server is now open! 

We closed down for a little while to migrate to a new server setup. Instead of having every world on a single server we now have each world on it's own server. This change allows for reduced server lag as well as overall performance improvements.

We tried to preserve everything from before and we managed to save most of it. Player homes and creative world plots are still there. Warps and shops as well. We did run into some issues though and were unable to save inventories. Everyones rank was also reset but as you rejoin you should be placed into the appropriate group.

We have also added a few things. The most notable is the addition of pets to the server. Everyone starts off with a pet pig. What group gets what is better explained in the forums. Other than that there have been a lot of behind the scenes changes that make running the server much better.

We are still adapting to all the changes so please bear with us while we work out all the kinks. If you find any issues please report them on the forums in the thread "buggs" or report them in game using the command /modrequest [message]

HarryMacer Trial The true story of Herobtine what Notch revels himself ...
dark_fir Admin Posted a quick changelog in the forums. ...
Just a quick update on the server status. Things are moving along slower than expected. The permission plugin is now properly set up and various basic functionality is working. Cross server chat, warping, teleporting, and spawning are there. 

The next step is making sure that homes are working properly. After that the next step will be to flesh out the permissions for each group. Now that we have become more familiar with the systems in place things should start moving along at a quicker pace.

Also, if you see people online, those are various staff members that are helping set things up.

-bubly7 and dark_fir
EvanBot1200 Duke When will the server be back up
dark_fir Admin It is. I turned it off last night because I had made a lot of changes that needed a restart but the host was being slow. ...
Chagaret Trial is the server going to be restarted again?

FH News – June 13, 2014

BubblezwithaZ Owner posted Jun 14, 14
Lots of news this week, but this time I have some big news. :P

We're expanding the server over multiple servers. We're linking a few servers together for the worlds rather than 1 server with many worlds! It should help out with lag and helps with behind the scenes as well. This means the server will be down and whitelisted as we work to not have any unsaved progress and anger any players. We will be starting tomorrow after we get the servers set up so be waiting for that.

How long will it last? I'm not sure, I've never linked servers together. It could take a while with downloading files and setting everything up just right. We're not resetting so you won't lose anything but that means we have to move a lot of files so there won't be lost progress.

Donators don't forget you guys get to help beta test the server when we're ready to let you on. :)

I'm excited; be excited with me. :D Comment below with any questions.

A_Sees_All Is there any other server you will be on and other FH members ail be on in the meantime?
dark_fir Admin Server is currently still being set up. Several of the worlds do not have any plugins installed and permissions are curr ...
BRANDONKemp123 Lord Please make it sooner, I really want to get back on that server.

Donation News

BubblezwithaZ Owner posted Jun 12, 14
If you don't already know, there has been some rule changes with Mojang and server donations. If you want to read more about it, go here:

How does that affect us? We have to tweak the donation ranks to follow these new changes. We have to take off the money earned from donation ranks (we won't be taking your money if you already donated) and the donator /kits (also we won't be taking items you received before this change). Don't worry though, we will be making a bunch of changes with the server and adding new features to the donator ranks to make up for this loss. It will be a surprise though.

This is all I have for now, put any questions in the comments below.
BRANDONKemp123 Lord I hope it is worth the wait.

Summer Sale

PopTart_Flavored Owner posted Jun 10, 14
We are having a 15% off all ranks Summer sale til July 4th! Thank you to those who have and will be donating.

*Yes I have quit being owner but I still pay for the server and website*

If you have any questions please ask in the comments!

-PopTart and Bubly
willow_lily YooHoo! Big Summer Blow-out :3
slaglickgamer74 my question is if i could have prince rank for free?

FH News – June 3, 2014

BubblezwithaZ Owner posted Jun 3, 14
Hey everyone, it has been too long but not much has happened to write about.

Now it's summer for most people and that means more minecraft right? :)

I do have an announcement though. Some staff have been demoted so yes, we will be looking for a couple new Trial Mods. The application tab is back on the website and you can go apply there. Remember to read what it says, NO asking about your application on the website or server or I will go look at your application and reject it right then. Go apply if you feel like you can contribute to the server and handle the responsibilities of being a server staff member.

HAGS.... jk, hope you all are having a great start to summer or a quick end to school. :P

-bubly7 or BubblezwithaZ
gogirls16 Lord I mean to them not them to srry
gogirls16 Lord Superhero1104 no one is going to unban u because your demanding them to and u are mean to people
cynthielle77 Mod Wooo SUMMER BREAK MINECRAFT TIME ...

FH News – April 12, 2014

BubblezwithaZ Owner posted Apr 12, 14
Server is now 1.7.9.

BRANDONKemp123 Lord I really need help!!!!!
ChristianMozart7 5 Little duckies said QUAQUAQUAK....
A_Sees_All it works. yayyayya i was on last night ...

FH News – April 7, 2014

BubblezwithaZ Owner posted Apr 7, 14
Hi guys, it's been a while. :P

I've been really busy and I'm sick so this will be shorter.  Also, being busy I haven't been on as much. :/ Hope that changes soon, but I have a few updates I wanted to let you know.

So the server we had on the old server host is gone so that "derpy" server is gone; didn't get to play it much. Oh well. Derp.

We're still working on things like voting rewards and adding new games.  Voting rewards will be about the same but instead of diamonds, it will be in game cash.  We just can't find a working vote plugin. :l

Right now we're not going to accept much more mod applications, maybe one or two great ones that really stand out.  Just remember, activity is a major part of getting and keeping a position in staff.  If you ask about your mod application, I will reject it and you will then have a reputation of annoying the current staff to read your application.

Also, everyone's mcmmo stats have been reset.  We moved the mcmmo files from being written in the server files to going into our database.  Doing so it created a new backup file of player stats and doesn't use the old file.  Sorry about that, we would try moving the file into the database but that would mean deleting everything everyone has been doing since the reset and we already have a bunch of people who have gained a lot of levels.

Hope you all are having a better week than me. :/

BubblezwithaZ Owner Thanks, I'm starting to feel better:P
A_Sees_All feel better
No News title, someone didn't hack Minecraft. Notch and Jeb have just lost control to villagers and this happened:

April Fool's!
Superhero1104 I never said that hmmmm? ):
Superhero1104 Do niot play minecraft anymore it is boring !
A_Sees_All lol XD
i cri evri tiem
Chat is doing that thing again
;^; why can't we chat or tp!?
when do they make SKY BLOCK I wanted SKY WARS but never mind X3
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