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kai891 AdminLegend posted Sun at 22:19

This is what we've been working on! We aren't done yet but here is a small peak at the server. You may notice the creative world spawn is similar to the old one. All of these screenshots are taken with the SEUS shaders and Chroma Hills resource pack.


You may also notice the shaders and texture add a whole lot more horror/herobrine feel to the server.

kai891 AdminLegend The first pics are the hub the rest are creative. We actually havent made a survival spawn...well unless you count maki...
saarq im guessing hub because it looks like its just floating like the 1.8 hub
saarq wait, is the place where you *spoilers* get to the top you get a prize in the hub or survival?

Donator Ranks

dark_fir Admin posted Jul 11, 16

Small announcment regarding donator ranks. We are planning on reordering the names of the ranks so that they flow a bit better. Costs will remain the same. The new proposed order is as follows:

Rank Cost
GraveDigger  $10
Minion $25
Slayer $50
Netherborn $75
Legend $100
Immortal $150

Notice: Your current rank level will remian the same.

Let us know what you think of the changes in the comments.

saarq remain*
saarq owo immortal has a cool icon
kai891 AdminLegend Ranks are now updated

Server Reset

kai891 AdminLegend posted Jul 4, 16

We are starting the process of updating the server to 1.10!  This may take some time to do so in the mean time we are going to have a creative temp server.  Due to unforseen circumstances the old creative world has broken by our host so we won't be using the old world.  Please hold off on any questions about the updated server till we release a changelog. If you have any suggestions please put them in the appropriate forum.


kai891 AdminLegend no they wont
SirArias Will builds made on the temp server be saved when the server becomes official or not?
kai891 AdminLegend also its updated to 1.10.2

The server is going to be down for a few days while we do some things and hopefully it will be back up by July 5 or 6.

kai891 AdminLegend Its going to take a few days. We need to fix stuff. Be patient.
Yeavaud They said "hopefully" just give them a day or few to get things working properly.
RobertTheFallen bbbut its been a day

Promotion/Demotions and other news

kai891 AdminLegend posted Jun 13, 16

Congratulations on the promotion of our former moderator ItsJustTrap to Admin!  Unfortunately for various reasons we have also had to demote Admin fxmodder, Admin Crystaldragon13, Moderator blazequeen25, and trial mod PEASGaming64.  We should be finally updating the server soon!  Both the survival and creative worlds are going to be wiped clean.  The survival and creative world will be up for download to certain donators (which will be discussed in a future post).  Thank you for being patient with us!

saarq k, thanks for answering my question.
kai891 AdminLegend We are wiping the creative world when we finish updating. It is going to be the temp server for now until we get everyt...
saarq like we used to when everyone had 1 plot except staff)*

Wecome our new Mod, MrMadSpy

kai891 AdminLegend posted May 16, 16


KILLEMwithFIRE I like cheese.
minekraftboy9 x XD wecome
Death008u Nice spelling

It has been another month of voting! I couldn't think of what else to give for the prizes so it took me awhile to post this.

November's Top Voters are:

1. BenjaminA_ wins 64 XP Bottles and an Emerald Block! (135 votes)

2. FluffinWaffle wins a 30 XP Bottles and a Diamond Block! (109 votes)

3. aprilbl wins 20 XP Bottles and a Diamond Block! (108 votes)

Remember to vote to be next months top voters and get a special prize!

Go to the vote here button or do /vote in game

- PopTart

We have had voting now for a month and I am going to be giving out prizes to the top 3 voters each month. The prizes will probably be different every month so be one of the top voters and you will get something cool!

October's top voters are:

1. BenjaminA_ wins a diamond block! (125 votes)

2. PopTart_Flavored wins himself! (99 votes)

3. AngelxS wins 3 diamonds! (86 votes)

Remember to vote to be next months top voters and get a special prize!

Go to the vote here button or do /vote in game

- PopTart

GirlExploders GraveDigger Amazing \(*-*)/
Yeavaud Derp

FH News - Oct. 1 2015

PopTart_Flavored Owner posted Oct 1, 15

Bubblez did one of these recently but I have changed a few things this week and yes chat has been fixed from yesterday.

You can now click on someones name to message them.

Voting somewhat works now do /vote. Tell me which websites the voting works for and which it doesn't work for and i will try to fix it.

We have tickets now so if you have a problem do /ticket [problem].
DO NOT SPAM TICKETS. DO NOT SEND TROLLY TICKETS. only send important tickets please.

We have a new plugin for doantors but I will not talk about it now because it has some issues still.

Also the trialmods we chose last week are:
and PEASGaming64

We may be picking more trialmods soon, MAYBE!

15tigerz has been promoted to Mod!

-PopTart and FH Staff

FH News – Sept. 11, 2015

BubblezwithaZ Owner posted Sep 11, 15

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I made a post! :) I hope everyone is doing well, school started for a lot of people this past month or this week?

This week, we had to demote a few inactive staff members so we have some openings for Trial Mod! Go write an application if you would like to join the staff.

Also, I know a lot of you will be upset, but we are removing the pvp toggle plugin next week, September 18. In the recent months, it has only been causing problems. People have found ways around it to kill players who don't want to fight, rendering it's point useless, and it's very hard to punish people for such. I wish we could have pvp togglable but it won't work. My tips for those who don't like fighting or lose your stuff, don't just trust anyone to tp to you. Your claim has some pvp protection as well. Pvp is off in the spawn area as well if you want to safely go AFK. With this, pvp and killing players is not against the rules.

Hope you all understand and good luck with the applications!

- BubblezwithaZ and the FH Staff

aprilbl It's nice to hear about some news on the server. School is being a burden (many AP courses). I'll try my bes...
I wanna dank meme machine to!
yay i have dank memes now
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