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Welcome New Trial Mods!

BubblezwithaZ Owner posted Jun 27, 15

Congratulations to our 2 new trial mods, neon62611 and 15tigerz!

And thank you to all who applied but we could only pick 2 from the many applications we received! There's always next time. :)

BubblezwithaZ and the FH Staff

superpedobear_rk Lord Wait very soon
superpedobear_rk Lord Lol woof
DeadBeat666 how how do i apply? i am confused.

Mod Applications - June 12

BubblezwithaZ Owner posted Jun 13, 15

Hey everyone!

We've opened up the mod applications for a short time so go ahead and apply! You have two weeks and we will pick 2-3 applicants to promote to Trial Mod.

- BubblezwithaZ and the FH Staff

XxgoldsmokexX I've been waiting so long for this moment I want to help finding hero brine server and if I don't get picked I hope u w ...
Death008u 6 more days until the new T-Mods are announced ...
CreeperBrien on all my time play on the sever this is first time i have ever seen applications open

Herobrine Artifacts

PopTart_Flavored Owner
PopTart_Flavored @ Survival
posted Jun 9, 15

The herobrine plugin is broke and causes temples to spawn too often so they are disabled but there are some out there from testing. If you find one and it has an artifact please tell an admin and you will get a reward of 500$.

DoubleBomber6 Duke No like the stone ones that you find randomly
superpedobear_rk Lord Maybe to test if it works
PhantomTiger105 Lord By temples do you mean ocean,jungle,desert temples? or is there some type of herobrine temple i dont know about...

Two Years of Finding Herobrine!

PopTart_Flavored Owner
PopTart_Flavored @ Survival
posted Apr 13, 15

Finding Herobrine has now been open for around 2 years! We have made a sale starting April 13th til April 30th that is 20% off all ranks/rank upgrades! We may do other events the this week but most likely not.. so don't count on it. Thanks for helping the server still be alive and see ya all!

PhantomTiger105 Lord I dont need any dang discount XD I just need the server to stay up Good job and keep it up! ...
BenjaminA_ Lord Keep up the good work. We believe in you. Thanks for the discount.

Changing your name for enjin/the website

PopTart_Flavored Owner
PopTart_Flavored @ Survival
posted Mar 22, 15

I made a video to help people change their name on enjin so they get their rank back.

vVDiamondMinerVv Prince Can i have my rank back plz
jumpyRose78 Lord Thanks dude, was very helpful ...

We're Back

dark_fir Admin posted Mar 21, 15

Title says it all. We're open for business. Anyone can now join.

Mindsol Theres a problem some specific people cant join

Why the server is down and name changes

PopTart_Flavored Owner
PopTart_Flavored @ Survival
posted Feb 5, 15

Our host has shut down so we decided to just start setting up the actual servers now on another host. This may take a week it may take 2 weeks or longer. 

UPDATE Feb. 19, 2015: The server is still DOWN (WHITELISTED) we had some issues with things. We still don't know how long it will be before the server is up but we are trying now.

UPDATE March 18, 2015: The server is still whitelisted. We have started making alot of progress and we hope to have the server up by the end of March. We do not promoise anything though. If we get enough done the server may or may not be whitelisted for donators in the next week or so. See you guys soon hopefully! 

We will edit this post when we have more information.


Also, if you heard from Mojang, they have implemented name changes. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If you change your Minecraft username, your enjin account only recognizes the old username. Since our server works with the website rank system to keep your ranks backed up and correct, you NEED to update your connected Minecraft account to get your rank back. If I were you, I would wait for servers to update their ability to handle username changes before changing your username.


JennaPlayz16 Lord I changed my name to JennaPlayz16 but idk how to update it :l
PhantomTiger105 Lord If its up by the end of march that would be awesome! Because my birthday in on the 30th!
RangerLauren Can't wait for it to come back up! ^w^

Spigot 1.8

PopTart_Flavored Owner
PopTart_Flavored @ Survival
posted Jan 6, 15
We found out that spigot has a 1.8 build so we got a few basic plugins. You can protect your house, set a home, go to spawn, tpa, and more stuff. Remember to sleep in your bed or set your home so you don't lose your house. The for the survival server is still but if you can't join using it here is another ip you should be able to use:

We have a temp creative server now too. The ip is:

The keep inventory vote has ended and it is going to be turned off.

(or devian tart as Poptart says)
I've recently been active on an art sharing site called Deviantart. If you're on there, you can join our official Finding Herobrine group. Members can post any Minecraft/Herobrine art.

Other than this, we're still waiting on sponge to release. Here's the site:

Happy New Year's!

-BubblezwithaZ and the FH Staff
Chagaret I'm on deviantart too ...
Hey everyone!

We've looked for this before and recently found a website that allows you to play music with a community of other people. It's called Plug.DJ and we made an official one for Finding Herobrine. We've been adding a lot of different songs. We aimed for clean songs/videos.
You have to make an account first but it's fun. :) There's a chat and if you would rather not be in the chat, you can turn it off for certain messages.

With this, there are a few rules to keep the community in order (rules are always subject to change):
1. No spamming or inappropriate language in the chat.
2. No asking for a song skip. The song will be skipped if there are more Mehs than Woots.
3. No asking for any staff positions in the community.
4. You can suggest songs to be added to the playlists in the Finding Herobrine forums if that song is not already added. Linking a youtube video makes adding the song much simpler.
5. You can vote in the chat for a certain genre or type of playlist when a staff asks.

See you on there! :)

-BubblezwithaZ and the FH Staff
thank you owo
I'm* & the reason why is bc i was skyping my friends that moved away irl years ago & my mom didn't remember them. -.- (she's stupid)
if you didn't notice in being forced to quit mc & youtube. so yea.
there is a video tutorial and part of a picture tutorial if you press the button that says herohunter
plz halp meh, how do i get herohunter?
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