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Our host has shut down so we decided to just start setting up the actual servers now on another host. This may take a week it may take 2 weeks or longer. 

UPDATE Feb. 19, 2015: The server is still DOWN (WHITELISTED) we had some issues with things. We still don't know how long it will be before the server is up but we are trying now.

We will edit this post when we have more information.


Also, if you heard from Mojang, they have implemented name changes. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If you change your Minecraft username, your enjin account only recognizes the old username. Since our server works with the website rank system to keep your ranks backed up and correct, you NEED to update your connected Minecraft account to get your rank back. If I were you, I would wait for servers to update their ability to handle username changes before changing your username.


Senik997 But enjin can follow? You just need to update it manually from characters.
LiBugPony it says im not whitelisted....
Tweesil Trial Updated my username to Tweesil -HarryMacer

Spigot 1.8

PopTart_Flavored Owner posted Jan 6, 15
We found out that spigot has a 1.8 build so we got a few basic plugins. You can protect your house, set a home, go to spawn, tpa, and more stuff. Remember to sleep in your bed or set your home so you don't lose your house. The for the survival server is still but if you can't join using it here is another ip you should be able to use:

We have a temp creative server now too. The ip is:

The keep inventory vote has ended and it is going to be turned off.

(or devian tart as Poptart says)
I've recently been active on an art sharing site called Deviantart. If you're on there, you can join our official Finding Herobrine group. Members can post any Minecraft/Herobrine art.

Other than this, we're still waiting on sponge to release. Here's the site:

Happy New Year's!

-BubblezwithaZ and the FH Staff
Chagaret I'm on deviantart too ...
Hey everyone!

We've looked for this before and recently found a website that allows you to play music with a community of other people. It's called Plug.DJ and we made an official one for Finding Herobrine. We've been adding a lot of different songs. We aimed for clean songs/videos.
You have to make an account first but it's fun. :) There's a chat and if you would rather not be in the chat, you can turn it off for certain messages.

With this, there are a few rules to keep the community in order (rules are always subject to change):
1. No spamming or inappropriate language in the chat.
2. No asking for a song skip. The song will be skipped if there are more Mehs than Woots.
3. No asking for any staff positions in the community.
4. You can suggest songs to be added to the playlists in the Finding Herobrine forums if that song is not already added. Linking a youtube video makes adding the song much simpler.
5. You can vote in the chat for a certain genre or type of playlist when a staff asks.

See you on there! :)

-BubblezwithaZ and the FH Staff

FH News – Oct. 10, 2014

BubblezwithaZ Owner posted Oct 10, 14
Just a quick update on the server.

We're still waiting on a plugin API that will replace Bukkit and the temporary 1.8 server is up to play. You can get the server using the ip.

Have a great week! :)

-BubblezwithaZ and the FH Staff
Kittyninja300 when will it be up and running again couldn't you get stayed on 1.7.9
Chagaret So will the buildings and other generated stuff be transferred on to the new server when the plugin is in?

Creative World Download

BubblezwithaZ Owner posted Sep 20, 14
More news to come later but as of right now, play on our temporary Vanilla Minecraft 1.8 server 
and the creative world is up for download. Warning: it's 1.42 GB when uncompressed. Also, the survival world is too large to transfer. :/

-BubblezwithaZ and the FH Staff
EMF11 Wait did JumpyRose78 pay for the server? if so it's kinda illegal to ban her. UNLESS she broke rules repetitively. and w ...
Unknown hey bubly it is Harry here how do I get the hole plot world in? ...
JaimeRose78 Lord I thought you unbanned me :(

Quick News

BubblezwithaZ Owner posted Sep 17, 14
We're still working on everything but there's a temporary 1.8 server for everyone to play on. The ip is

See you there. :)

-BubblezwithaZ and the FH Staff
Mindsol I cant join it it says Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException I DONT UNDERSTAND THAT! -Mind ...

FH News – Sept. 13, 2014

BubblezwithaZ Owner posted Sep 13, 14
Hello everyone. This is just a quick status update for the server. 

We are aware that there are currently issues with the server that are making it crash. Unfortunately we can only wait for updates that will solve this issue. This process will be slow due to the recent DMCA of both Bukkit and Spigot. 

In the meantime we have an announcement to make. We made a decision that with the 1.8 update we will reset the maps in both survival and creative world. We felt this is necessary due to the sheer amount of new features added in the 1.8 update. This also gives us a chance to fix some long standing issues that were caused by importing the old maps (mostly relating to homes and warps not working 100%). The reset will not be happening right away because the current builds of spigot do not support any of the new features of 1.8. We will give ample warning before we reset the maps. In addition to this we will be putting both the survival world and creative world up for download before we reset everything.
We will also be reorganizing the servers when everything is reset. We will have a new hub that is much easier to navigate. The current hub will be moved to be the new survival hub (more info on how that will work later). Creative will be receiving a new spawn (already completed) and skyblock will actually open. we hope that the changes make for a more enjoyable experience.

We appreciate your patience as we go through the update cycle and hope that things will return to normal as soon as possible.

Current mod applications are on hold while we deal with all of the above.

-BubblezwithaZ and the FH Staff
Death008u What's going to happen to my shop and my items? D:
herobrine9821 Wise man told me its not how hard you get hit its how hard you get hit and get back up
Ledwig Sir Happy to hear this. Thanks! Is there a chance for us players to request to save our build as schematic files? Looking f ...
1.8 is out!  We were expecting to have to wait several weeks for an update but Spigot pushed a build that allows 1.8 clients to connect. Unfortunately this is not a full feature build so any of the new features will not be available until a full 1.8 release is out. This update to Spigot allows for both 1.7.10 and 1.8 clients to connect. We will let you know when the full 1.8 release is out.

In other news, the Pixelmon server is still being built and hopefully will be open in a few weeks, before the end of the month. If you want to see the website to check the progress or let me know how it looks so far, it's

Also, I'm very sorry the Skyblock server hasn't been open already; we will try to get the server open as soon as possible to begin the beta test on faction Skyblocks.

-BubblezwithaZ or bubly7

Edit: I wrote in the shout box about why the server is down but if you want to read about what's happening with Bukkit and Spigot, check out there pages or these main posts by their staff.

BenjaminA_ "-BublezwithaZ OR bubly7" ??!??? O_O
A8brickhead Reset means reconstruction right? So will the builder app be back up?...

FH News – August 25, 2014

BubblezwithaZ Owner posted Aug 25, 14
Hey everyone! :) I just wanted to update you all on what's going on with the server. 

If you didn't notice, we're making a Pixelmon server! :) We need help though; we need $40 to open up a new server to put Pixelmon on. If you want to help us reach that goal, you can donate in the section above.

Skyblock is still being worked on and built. Hopefully that will be finished sooner or later.

Some of the questions on the Mod Application were changed so all applications were cancelled. Please reapply if you still wish to apply for Trial Mod.

How are all of you? School started? Everyone loves school right? :P

rennaT_007 I swear if you put a Pixelmon server i will play Finding Herobrine every other day
MINEDUDE1X Skooll Is alright bubly :-) ...
Ledwig Sir Hi Bubly7, You keep expanding, goodjob! hahha nah It's a great sign for a bright future. But anyways I have a question ...
Wow that's. . .sad. . .really.
:( I have no life without this server
no one knows
When is the server going to be up?
just go to the news post, get the link, and comment on those questions with the link xP
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